Treat yourself to some divine goodness. Our Betsy leather coin purse is an ensemble essential. As you head out to run errands, make sure to carry this dainty yet roomy coin purse and love its velvety feel on your hands. Designed with a floral print, the coin purse is meant to offer you a comfy and airy look. The cherry on top, the purse occupies the least of the space, so whatever the size of your handbag, this leather coin purse shall fit gracefully.

Betsy Turquoise Leather Coin Purse

SKU: 02019403
  • Betsy Turquoise Leather Coin Purse features:

    - An appealing and vibrant design our Betsy turquoise leather coin purse measures 6.0" wide by 4.0" tall, and can be easily maintained by spot-cleaning as needed.

    - Easy to carry and use, the sturdy 6.0” zipper closure keeps your small everyday essentials secure. 

    - Premium stitching makes this aquamarine leather coin purse a lavish must-have.
    - 100% Cotton Lining

    - Colors include: Turquoise, Pink, Yellow, Green and White.

    - Handmade in the USA.

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