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"May your purse always hold a coin or two." - Roger Courtney

Coin Purses
Cute Coin Purses

Our cute coin purses are handmade and perfect for slipping your credit cards, cash, coins, earbuds, receipts, and medicine into when you're on the go. These coin purses help keep your valuables all in one place. The small purses can also fit comfortably into your larger purse or handbag so, that everything is easily found. In addition to being cute, our durable fabric coin purses are sewn with care, using quality zippers.

Our Handmade Coin Purses are One-of-a-Kind!

Getting a handmade coin purse is a one-of-a-kind experience. 144 Collection handmade coin purses are beautifully handcrafted and will catch people's eye when you slip them out. We love designing small coin purses with gorgeous fabrics including flirty floral prints, modern art prints, bee patterned fabrics, and too many more to list. 

Vintage Coin Purses

While these are newly handmade Coin Purses, our collection of Coin Purses use many classic vintage prints and are quality made by hand. Our quality stitching is made to last, so these coin purses could eventually become vintage over the years! 

Our American-made Coin Purses Make Great Wallets!

Our handmade coin purses are perfect for use as a wallet for women, you can zip your valuables in when you're on the go. Our coin purse wallets are lightweight and are the perfect for stashing your pocket change, business or credit cards. Our fabric coin purses measure 3 ½ tall x 4 ¾" wide, so they tuck easily into your handbags or purse.

Zipper Change Purse

Our zippered change purses are perfect for your coins. With a quality zipper, they will keep your loose change from tumbling out. We also have lots of customers who love using these coin purses for their credit cards, transportation cards, and ID, along with cash, it's just the right size. 

Floral Coin Purse Wallets - Liberty of L
small wallets for women - pink floral pr
Leather Coin Purses

We carry a variety of small leather coin purses that are handmade, one-of-a-kind and perfect for keeping you organized. With styles that range from whimsical floral prints to chic retro style prints, comfortably stash your money, loose change, credit cards and receipts in these coin purses. Our leather coin purses are great when you’re on-the-go use them to run quick errands, dining out with friends, or to just hold the things that crowd your handbag. These zippered small leather pouches measure 4" tall X 6" high. They are multi-functional and easily fit into your purse or handbag. You will want to carry these cute coin purses everywhere.

Leather Coin Purse Blue Floral Print.JPG
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