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Are you always on the go? Do you hate to carry a big bag? If your answer is yes, 144 Collection has got just the thing for you. Our handmade wristlets are the perfect accessory for the person on the go who wants to travel light. Made in the USA.

What is a Wristlet?

Our handmade wristlets are basically small handbags or purses that you can put around your wrist to carry your phone, wallet and other belongings with you anywhere you go. Our wristlet purses have exterior and interior pockets to help you stay organized, and a zipper closure that keeps everything secure. Each of our wristlet wallets are handmade and sewn from a variety of colorful and stylish fabrics – even the interiors of our wristlet wallets are lined with soft fabric. 

The perfect Wristlet Purse

You're sure to find the perfect wristlet purse for your style in our large collection of wristlets. Our handmade wristlets are perfect for days when you want to travel light! Each wristlet purse has a beautiful fabric-lined interior to keep your phone safe, and three credit card slots to keep your cards organized. can hold your smartphone device and comes with three credit card slots. Featuring a cotton twill handles,  our wristlets are convenient to carry in your hand or use the wrist strap.

Wristlet 1.jpg
Wristlets for Phones - Floral Print.jpg
Wristlet Wallet Floral Print .jpg
Floral Print Wristlet Wallet Inside View - Handmade Wristlet.JPG
Phone Wristlet 

Looking for a phone purse?  Or are you looking specifically for an iPhone wristlet? Or a purse that fits an Android? Or a smartphone wristlet? Whatever you're looking for, all of our wristlets fit cell phones (unless you have one of those big phones from the 80s, haha!). Our wonderful fabric-lined interiors are soft and will help protect your phone and case from scratches and bumps. 

Wool Tweed Black Wristlet Wallet.jpg
Handmade Wristlets and iPhone Wallets for Women - Surfer Girls Print.JPG
Well-made Purses

We handcraft each and every one of our wristlet purses right here in New York. Handmade by owner Lesia and Mary Sue (Sewing Susie), we love creating our American-made wristlets with the best quality fabrics, stitching and accessories. All of our handmade handbags, handmade purses, and handmade clutches, and wristlets are made to last.

Pink Wallet Wristlet - Small Wristlet - Handmade Wristlet.JPG
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