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Keep your baby free from drool and messy spills at meal time with this cute flight school baby bibs set. Our handmade baby bibs are made with a 100% cotton, backed with highly absorbent cotton terry cloth and a Velcro closure. These baby bibs will help keep your infant dry by preventing leaks and dribble from reaching through to your baby's skin. If you are looking for the perfect baby gift, this handmade baby bibs set is it. Bib size/ Dimensions: 9.25H x 9.25W

Flight School Baby Bibs Set

SKU: 04254318
  • Flight School Baby Bibs Set features:
    - Bib size/ Dimensions: 9.25H x 9.25W (Up to 18 months)
    - Fabric: 100% cotton
    - Backing: Terry cloth
    - Velcro closure
    - Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry low

    - Colors include: Red, White and Blue.
    - CPSIA compliant 

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