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Here we talk about all things handmade – we love sewing handmade bags, purses, clutches, coin purses, makeup bags, wristlets and baby bibs. We're always finding new fabrics and playing with new designs. Make sure to stay tuned here to learn more about what we do, where we're from (New York!) and find out about our latest favorite handmade accessories.

Unbutton the Possibilities: Celebrate National Button Day with Our Wristlets

national button day - handmade wristlets

November 16th marks a day of celebration for a humble yet essential accessory in the world of fashion—the button. In honor of National Button Day, we invite you to explore the charm and craftsmanship of our handmade wristlets, particularly our exquisite Dorothy wristlet.

Delicately handcrafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, the Dorothy wristlet is more than just a trendy accessory. Measuring 8 inches wide by 6 inches high, it is a perfect blend of form and function. The two exterior pockets, designed for cash, credit/debit cards, or business cards, add a practical touch to this chic accessory. What sets the Dorothy wristlet apart is its unique use of buttons.

national button day - travel stamp print wristlet

Our selection of colorful buttons plays a crucial role in the design of this large wristlet, securing the two exterior pockets with a satisfying snap closure. From choosing the perfect color to selecting the highest quality button, every detail is meticulously considered. Working with buttons, however, comes with its challenges. Hand-sewing each button onto our wristlets requires precision and patience, but the end result is undeniably worth it.

The triumphs lie in the final look and design of the wristlet wallet, where buttons become more than just fasteners—they are a statement of style and sophistication. The tactile satisfaction of the button closure adds an extra layer of luxury to the accessory.

national button day - shoe print wristlet

Here's a fun fact about buttons: Did you know that buttons have been used for thousands of years, with archaeological evidence suggesting their existence as far back as 2000 BCE?

National Button Day celebrates the history and versatility of buttons, acknowledging their significance in the world of fashion and beyond. To join in the festivities, we're offering a special promotion for National Button Day. Use code BUTTONLOVE at checkout for an exclusive discount on our wristlet collection.

national button day - silhouettes of womens heads wristlet

Pair your wristlet with a stylish ensemble for various occasions. The Dorothy wristlet is not just a cardholder wristlet; it's a cute wristlet wallet perfect for a night out or a travel wristlet ideal for your adventures.

national button day - blue and brown floral wristlet

Unbutton the possibilities with our wristlet collection this National Button Day. Take your style to the next level with the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail found in every one of our handmade wristlets. Explore the collection and embrace the charm of buttons in fashion.

national button day - black and pink floral wristlet

national button day - pink wool wristlet with buttons


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