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Stylish Wristlets for Phones

It seems every year Apple or Samsung roles out a new smartphone with more features. A new phone means a whole new line of accessories from cases to holders we’re left having to switch everything up. Our wristlets are excellent for smartphones and cell phones so, when they roll out that new phone you will be unfazed. You’ll have a one-of-a-kind accessory that can hold a large or small phone. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, our large wristlets measuring 8 inches wide by 6 inches wide comfortably hold both types. These handmade wristlets can also carry your cash, credit cards, ID, keys and light makeup.

For the woman always on-the-go, our smartphone wristlets make traveling easy. Carry your wristlet like a clutch or on your wrist and start running your daily errands. These cute wristlets can also be tossed into your favorite purse, tote bag or suitcase. Going out for the night and don’t want to carry a heavy purse, our wristlets will hold your phone close while you party. With a variety of styles that range from lovely florals to bold metallics, we have a phone wristlet to match your personality.

Stylish, compact and ready to travel these wristlets for phones offer an effortless way to stay organized. So, when that next new phone is rolled out no need to worry 144 Collection has you covered with our cell phone wristlets. Our wristlets will keep your phone close and at your fingertips.

Brown Floral Wristlet Bag ($28)

Red Wristlet Bag ($28)

Floral Blue Wristlet Purse ($28)

Triangles Metallic Gold Wristlet Purse ($28)

Pink Polka Dot Wristlet Purse ($28)

Mint Metallic Wristlet Wallet ($28)

Floral Tapestry Black Wristlet Wallet ($28)

Wool Tweed Black Wristlet Purse ($28)

Polka Dot Print Wristlets for Phones ($28 each)

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