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Burp cloths: Do we really need them?

baby burp cloths for boy - stargazers

Burp cloths are listed on every baby registry, stocked on every department store shelf, and tied to every stroller - but do we really need them?

In short, Yes.

Baby Burp cloths or burp rags really do make our lives, as parents, easier. And what’s more, they have so many uses beyond acting as a barrier between your clothes and your baby’s spit-up!

Discover everything you need to know about the many uses of burp cloths. What to look for when buying them and we will try to answer the question of how many burp cloths I need?

What are burp cloths used for?

The best thing about baby burp cloths is not that they come in array of fabrics and colorful prints but that their uses are quite literally endless. There’s little that’s more useful than a burp cloth during the first few months of your baby’s life. And when your little one is older; you can find lots of new uses for these treasured baby items.

Here are some of the most popular uses for burp cloths:

Sick & spit-up

Burp cloths are the only thing that you’ll always need on hand to quickly mop away sick and spit-up. Keep one tucked into your trousers when you’re at home and at least 2 in your diaper bag at all times!


Runny noses can cause dry and sensitive skin. A soft cotton burp cloth will help to keep your baby’s nose clean and dry without the irritation that comes with the overuse of tissues and baby wipes.

Changing surface

When out of the house or quickly changing your baby’s diaper away from their changing table, burp cloths can offer an alternative, absorbent surface. They also work wonderfully as a protective barrier between your baby’s skin and the outside world of changing tables.


All milk spills, whether from the baby, the breast, or the bottle, can be cleared up with a burp cloth.