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Here we talk about all things handmade – we love sewing handmade bags, purses, clutches, coin purses, makeup bags, wristlets and baby bibs. We're always finding new fabrics and playing with new designs. Make sure to stay tuned here to learn more about what we do, where we're from (New York!) and find out about our latest favorite handmade accessories.

What is a change purse?

Change Purse - Red Floral Print

A change purse is a small pouch used to carry coins and cash. Men and women alike use some form of a change or coin purse. From leather to cotton, there is a wide selection of change purses to fit every need. Our small change purses are designed to keep your cash, credit cards and loose coins organized. We carry a wide variety of leather coin purses, fabric coin purses or vintage coin purses.

Leather Change Purses
Leather Change Purse - Women's Silhouettes

Why use a coin purse?

Women tend to carry a small arsenal in their handbag or purse. It’s very easy for loose change and cash to end up at the bottom of your bag. If you don’t want to walk around constantly digging in your bag or jingling every where you go, you’ll need a coin purse. This is where our small coin purses come in. Use our handmade coin purses to solve this noisy problem. You can carry everything from receipts, jewelry to medicine in these coin purses.

If you’re always on-the-go like most of us, you can use our zippered coin purses to run quick errands. Stash them in your purse or carry them separately on those days when you don’t want to carry a heavy bag.

Change Purses - Flower Print

Change Purse Wallet - Fuchsia Floral Print

Where can I buy coin purses?

If you’re on the hunt for something stylish to keep your small essentials organized, check out our collection of handmade coin purses. They make a perfect travel gift for family, friends and co-workers. Affordably priced, durable, with a wide variety of styles our coin pouches will keep your necessities close in hand. Don’t just take our word for it, check out our latest review.

Change Purse - Blue Floral Print

Change Purses - Floral Print


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