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Handmade Card Making Ideas with the Paper Source

It’s safe to say that my love for the Paper Source knows no bounds. Ever since I discovered their stores, I have spent countless hours crafting and making cards. I’m so addicted to Paper Source that I call it my happy place. Before discovering their stores, I knew nothing about card making yet alone embossing. I started making cards about 2-3 years ago to accompany our handmade bag photos. As a small business owner your resources and dollars are limited, so I make most of our photo props. I have found that it saves on cost and I can use those props again and again when the season arrives. My love for card making was born thanks to them.

I learned how to emboss at their 77th Street and Columbus Avenue location in NYC. I also purchase most of my rubber stamps and supplies from this customer friendly location as well. I’m always drawing inspiration for a holiday or season from their shop.

Our Mother’s Day collection was inspired by their origami fold up dresses.

Their flamingo stickers made our summer cards pop.

Paper Source's rubber stamps provided loads of love for us on Valentines day.

We have also used their beautiful handmade paper as a background for number of our pouches.

I can go on for days about my love for this store, but you’re going to have to head into one of their locations to experience the magic. Below are some of our favorite handmade cards but we would love for you to show us some of yours at: info@144collection.com

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