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Stash your makeup, toiletries and travel essentials in this pink small canvas cosmetic bag. Made with durable canvas fabric, this handmade bag features colorful contrasting lining and a 8 ½ inch zipper closure to protect your items. Use this sturdy canvas cosmetic bag to keep your daily essentials within reach or for out-of-town adventures. Measures: 8 ½ inches wide X 4 ½  inches high X 4 inches deep

Pink Small Canvas Cosmetic Bag

SKU: 80115017
  • Pink Small Canvas Cosmetic Bag features:
    - 100% Cotton Canvas

    - 100% Cotton Lining

    - 8 ½ Inch Zipper Closure

    - Care Instructions: Spot Clean Only

    - Colors Include: Natural, Peach and Striped Blue
    - Dimensions: 8 ½ inches wide X 4 ½ inches long X 4 inches deep

    - Handmade in the USA.

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