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Your child's dress should not get ruined because they wanted to mess with their food a bit. Strap these adorable and delightful bibs from our exclusive Little Rabbit Baby Girl Bibs set. See how your mischievous baby squeals in wonder at the vibrant colors and artistic design. Take pleasure in the happy giggles from your baby as her attention is drawn to the colorful rabbit print and eye-catching bibs. Happy babies mean happy parents, after all! Our handmade baby bibs measure 9.25 inches high by 9.25 inches wide. They make a wonderful baby shower gift that every parent is sure to cherish.  

Little Rabbit Baby Girl Bibs

SKU: 04254340
  • Littl Rabbit Baby Girl Bibs Set features:

    - Perfect size that protects your baby’s charming cloths. Size: 9.25 inches High x 9.25 inches Wide, Suitable for ages up to 18 months

    - Soft and pure cotton 100% printed cotton that doesn’t irritate your baby’s soft and delicate skin, Handmade Bibs.

    - Backing: Terry cloth

    - Top-notch sticking velcro closure that offers snugness without constraining

    - Colors include: Teal, Red, Pink, Brown, Green, White, Tan and Orange.

    - Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry low.

    - Uncompromised Quality: Safety and style from a brand you can trust. Handmade in the USA and CPSIA compliant.

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