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Are you sick and tired of the mess you see every time you open your makeup bag? Looking for a better alternative that’s compact and easy to carry around everywhere you go? Our Canvas Makeup Bag Pink and Aqua is everything you’re looking for. Organize all your makeup essentials in a chic and stylish bag that’s perfect to bring to work or on a date.


Known for its durability, our makeup bag is composed of 100% Cotton Canvas Fabric that is used for heavy-duty applications and it will surely last for years to come! You’ll have easy access to your makeup due to its wide 7 ¾ Inch zipper closure so if you need a little retouch, you’ll just have to grab what you're looking for and find a mirror. Unorganized makeup bags not only give you an undesirable mess but also waste a lot of makeup! So, grab our Canvas Makeup Bag Pink and Aqua today and save your expensive makeup from going down the drain!

Canvas Makeup Bag Pink and Aqua

SKU: 41492185
  • Canvas Makeup Bag Pink and Aqua features:

    - Our Canvas Makeup Bag Pink and Aqua is designed with a beautiful striped-navy blue pattern added with a pink and aqua color that looks perfect on any outfit you have for the day!


    - Supreme Portability. With dimensions 7 ¾ wide by 5 ½ tall by 4 ½ deep, our makeup bag is ultra-handy and can be carried on the go!


    - Sturdy 7 ¾ ” zipper closure keeps your cosmetics contained in a purse or suitcase.


    - Our makeup bag offers you organized makeup essentials that are easily accessed when you need them all for an affordable price!


    - Handmade in the USA.

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