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Here we talk about all things handmade – we love sewing handmade bags, purses, clutches, coin purses, makeup bags, wristlets and baby bibs. We're always finding new fabrics and playing with new designs. Make sure to stay tuned here to learn more about what we do, where we're from (New York!) and find out about our latest favorite handmade accessories.

Must Have Fall Accessories - Small Wristlet Purses

small wristlet purses - floral prints

If you are one of those people who are always on the lookout for glammy and fashionable accessories to complement your outfit without overshadowing it, then 144 Collection small wristlet purses are the perfect fall accessory for you.

wristlet purses - floral prints

Our wristlets are small, compact, and easy to carry. They are made with a 100% cotton twill handle that fits around your wrists so you won’t have to clutch the purse the entire time you are out whether it's for a night on the town, a date, or a casual event. The body of the small wristlet purse is also made with 100% cotton. These stylish purses have a gorgeous printed cotton exterior and an inner cotton lining.

small wristlet purse - blush floral

Designed for convenience and compactness, our small wristlet purses are made to carry your everyday essentials such as your phone, keys, cash, cards, and any other necessity so that you always have what you need at the wrist of your hand. We cannot forget to mention these ultra-handy wristlet purses also come with three interior slotted pockets and a 6 ¼ " zipper closure that is attached to the twill handle to keep your possessions safe inside.

small wristlet purse - pink polka dot

small wristlet purse - polka dot pink print

144 Collection small wristlet purses are modest in size. The purses are 6 ¼" wide by 4 ¼" tall which is just the right size for a phone purse that is convenient and not bulky or tiresome to carry. Our wristlets come in an array of colors and designs to match your outfit of choice. There are options for floral, striped, dotted, and minimalist designs and numerous other patterns for your choosing. Our cute wristlet purses are easy to maintain and only need to be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth.

If you are looking to accessorize this fall, then 144 Collection small wristlet purses are the perfect fall accessories for you. All small wristlet purses are handmade with love.

small wristlet purse - yellow

small wristlet purse - red

small wristlet purse - metallic pink

small wristlet purse - blush and blue floral print

small wristlet purse - blue

small wristlet purse - black

small wristlet purse - metallic


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