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Here we talk about all things handmade – we love sewing handmade bags, purses, clutches, coin purses, makeup bags, wristlets and baby bibs. We're always finding new fabrics and playing with new designs. Make sure to stay tuned here to learn more about what we do, where we're from (New York!) and find out about our latest favorite handmade accessories.

August 6, 2019

It’s safe to say that my love for the Paper Source knows no bounds. Ever since I discovered their stores, I have spent countless hours crafting and making cards. I’m so addicted to Paper Source that I call it my happy place. Before discovering their stores, I knew nothing about card making yet alone embossing. I started making cards about 2-3 years ago to accompany our handmade bag photos. As a small business owner your resources and dollars are limited, so I make most of our photo props. I have found that it saves on cost and I can use those props again and again when the season arrives. My love for card making was born thanks to them.

I learned how to emboss at their 77th Street and Columbus Avenue location in NYC....

July 24, 2019

Whether you’re going to brunch, running errands, or heading out for a night on the town. Wristlet wallets are an easy way to carry your essentials like iPhone/ smartphone, makeup, identification, credit cards and cash. Travel friendly with a strap that can be worn around your wrist, it is easy to keep these small bags close.  Our handmade Polka Dot Wristlet Wallets are perfect for keeping your items close-at-hand and on trend.

These wristlets are designed to not only keep you organized but to ensure you are not constantly holding  your belongings. At 6 inches tall by 8 inches wide, these cool fabric wristlets are fully lined with a zipper closure to secure your belongings. Did I forget to mention the two exterior...

April 23, 2019

Ladies, have you been searching for the right wallet for your money? Our trendy American Made Wallets are just what you have been looking for. Functional, compact and well made our one-of-a-kind wallets make the perfect gift. Whether you’re running a quick errand, having drinks with girls or out on a date, we have cute wallets for every occasion.

 We design our wallets for women with the utmost attention to detail. Leather or cotton fabrics are used because they can withstand the daily wear and tear. Ever been out and your wallet gets caught on to something, you pull and your wallet rips. We know that feeling all too well, so our handmade wallets are crafted to be strong and durable. Most of our wallets are one-of-a-k...

April 18, 2019

Last month, I decided to take the meet the makers challenge given by Joanne Hawker on Instagram. I honestly did not think I would be able to stick through the month-long challenge. As I posted every day, it gave me a chance to talk about my successes, failures and how I started this handmade life. It has been far from easy but definitely worth every stress filled moment. I thought it would great to share those stories here and bit more about who we are.

 My Sewing Work Space

Hello, I am Lesia (pronounced Lisa) Griffin I design, sew, create, photograph, blog, etc. for 144 Collection. I was born, raised and live in New York City (Queens to be exact). I started sewing years ago to help me de-stress from my day job. I had...

April 11, 2019

With Mother’s Day right around the corner (it’s on May 12th), we know you want to find that perfect gift for mom. You wonder what to give the person that gives so much to everyone else. So, this year we have put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide filled with beautiful handmade accessories. This charming handcrafted gift guide will take the guesswork and stress out of finding the best gift for someone so special. Check out our collection of gifts for mom and find something handmade to make her smile.

Brown Floral Tote Bag


This beautiful handmade tote bag is perfect  Spring accessory for Mom as she runs her daily errands or enjoys brunch with her friends.

Women's Ivy Green Crossbody Bag


Mom will thank you for allowin...

October 15, 2018

Every woman needs a good handmade wristlet in her handbag arsenal. Perfect for carrying your everyday necessities like keys, debit/credit cards and cell phone. This floral tapestry black wristlet wallet is the perfect fashionable option for the woman on-the go who needs to secure her important items.

This fabric wristlet is not only beautiful but will earn you some major fashion points. It’s 6 inches high and 8 inches wide to hold everything from a checkbook to your smartphone. This wristlet is fully lined and features two front pockets to hold cash, debit or credit cards. No more having to dig through your handbag to find items. With this wristlet, everything will be right at your fingertips or actually on your wrist...

October 10, 2018


If someone asked me how I discovered my love for sewing and patterns? I would say two words Amy Butler. Before I even dreamed of starting my own business, her beautiful fabrics and patterns drew me in. I remember I was just starting to learn how to sew and decided I would try her Madison bag pattern. Well, it looked nothing like the picture to say the least, but it did make me want to continue to learn how to sew. I was determined to make that bag and I did!

As much as I love Amy’s patterns, it’s her fabrics that have given me my biggest inspiration. When I finally decided to start 144 Collection, I knew that I had to use Amy Butler fabric. Her choices of color, design and the down-home feeling of her fabrics made i...

October 4, 2018

Ever have one of those days when you don’t want to carry a big bag, but you need something to hold your wallet, phone and keys. Our handmade wristlets and iPhone wallets are just what you need for those times. They’re excellent for days when you want to run a quick errand or need something small to carry with you to your kids’ afterschool activities. Doubling as a smartphone wristlet you can easily store your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other mobile device in our wristlets. 

We have all been there. For example your makeup falls out into your bag, keys get lodged at the bottom of your overstuffed purse or credit/debit cards manage to spill into your handbag. While we have all experienced times when keeping all your essen...

May 5, 2018

With warmer temperatures headed for New York City, it will not be long before summer arrives. Are you looking for one-of-a-kind accessories to spice up your summer wardrobe? Well look no further NY Handmade Collective (formerly Etsy NY team) and Grand Bazaar NYC have teamed up to bring you “READY, SET, SUMMER” a unique pop-up shopping experience taking place on Sunday, May 6th from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm.

Shoppers will be treated to handcrafted goods that vary from fine art, paper goods and stationery, jewelry and handmade fashions, skincare products, handbags, pets and items for children. Still looking for that perfect gift for mom? This event is guaranteed to help you find that special one-of-a-kind gift for her.

So, get...

January 2, 2018

Looking for a stylish wristlet bag that you can carry everywhere? Well look no further, we sew handmade, one-of-a-kind beautiful wristlet bags that are perfect for holding your phone, keys, cards and cash. 

Every woman loves a purse that they can carry anywhere, but what about those days when you want to travel light. On those days, a cute wristlet that can hold your essentials is best. Our wristlets can be used to hold credit/debit cards, cash, identification and even your favorite lipstick.

If you are looking for a savvy phone wristlet to hold your iPhone, Android or other smartphone device, our wristlets are perfect for that as well. Our phone purses easily slip around your wrist so you can easily head out the door...

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February 20, 2020

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