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Here we talk about all things handmade – we love sewing handmade bags, purses, clutches, coin purses, makeup bags, wristlets and baby bibs. We're always finding new fabrics and playing with new designs. Make sure to stay tuned here to learn more about what we do, where we're from (New York!) and find out about our latest favorite handmade accessories.

Small Cute Makeup Bags: Afro Girls

These bags are small, cute and scream style. That is how I joyfully describe our afro girls makeup bags. If you love to rock a soulful retro bag that holds your cosmetics, toiletries and supplies while making you look oh so fashionable, then these bags are for you. Made with vibrant Alexander Henry fabric, these handmade makeup bags measure 8 ½ inches wide by 4 ½ inches high and 4 inches deep. They are secured with an 8 ½ inch wide metal zip closure to protect against leaks and product spillage. They are versatile, easily used with any handbag and won’t break your bank. Are you getting ready to take a trip? Well these bags are ready to head out with you. Makeup brushes, eye shadow, tweezers,

Handmade Gifts: Fall 2019 NY Handmade Collective Pop Up

Now that it’s finally Fall, get ready for crisp cool air, pumpkin spice and bundling up in that fall jacket. It’s also a time to switch up from your summer accessories to those trendy fall styles. So, it would only make sense for you to get a handmade one-of-a-kind accessory to start the season off right. This where the NY Handmade Collective (formerly Etsy NY team) and Grand Bazaar NYC come in. They have teamed up to bring you some of Fall’s best handcrafted jewelry, apparel, bath and body products, home decor, art, and more! Do you need something new to freshen up your wardrobe? Something for your skin? Something for home? Well, this Fall 2019 NY Handmade Collective Pop-up has just what yo

Best Baby Bibs for Drooling

Looking for a super absorbent, able to withstand frequent washes, fun and whimsical print drool bib? Well look no further, 144 Collection has you covered with our drool-worthy selection of handmade baby bibs. If your baby is a drooler, we know it can be tiring constantly changing his/her bib constantly throughout the day. It can also become irritating to your baby’s skin as well. With that in mind our bibs are designed to be soft, absorbent and made to be washed repeatedly. Our customers rave: “These bibs are the absolute best!! I loved them and they lasted through the entirety of our bib days”. – Bridy We understand as parents you are busy with feedings, diaper changes and setting up sleep

Change Is Good With This Pink Peony Coin Purse

Ever have those days when you don’t want to carry a big bag? Say you’re going to the store or taking an evening stroll. You just don’t feel like lugging your whole life with you. I’ll tell you a secret I always keep a small coin purse in my handbag. I’ve found that change always builds up whether you want it to or not. I don’t like sounding like a cash register every time I walk around. A coin pouch is perfect for these moments. Our pink peony coin purse comfortably fits cash, coins, credit cards, gift cards and anything else you want to fit into it. It is also a great accessory to kick off those long Fall park strolls and trips apple picking. Measuring 3 ½ inches tall x 4 ¾ inches wide, thi

Oh Hello, We’re Having A Giveaway!

September is my birthday month and I have a lot to be thankful for this year. My surgery went well and I’m slowly working my way back to good health. My wonderful family and friends have been an amazing rock for me. I honestly feel like I haven’t laughed this hard in years while having give up so many of my favorite foods. It also marks almost two years since I re-launched the 144 Collection website. This website has been a labor of love, source of frustration and a showcase of all the wonderful things we get to make. We are so grateful when you read this blog and purchase from our website. We put our heart and soul into this, and you recognize that. So, we are celebrating with a giveaway to

144 Collection in Feedspot Top 30 Bag Blogs

We are so excited because 144 Collection is featured in Feedspot’s Top 30 bag blogs on the web. This blog has been a labor of love for us. I love getting to tell you all about our products and showcasing some of our favorite shops/designers. We have so many more things planned for our handmade blog. I was thrilled when I received the email that read: “I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 30 Bag Blogs on the internet and I'm honored to have you as part of this!” Anuj Agarwal - Founder, Feedspot Thanks, Anuj Agarwal of Feedspot for the mention! We’re so honored to have made the list. See full Fee

Back to College Shopping – Canvas Zipper Pouches

Heading back to college can be both an exciting and anxiety filled time. The rush to get everything you need for your dorm and supplies for your classes can have you feeling overwhelmed. So, we’re here to take some off the pressure off by keeping you organized with our canvas zipper pouches. Whether you need a bag to hold your school supplies, cosmetics or toiletries. These handmade canvas zipper pouches are the perfect accessory for both. Our canvas zipper pouches are well-made, sturdy and multi-functional. With the average cost of tuition growing by about 4% every year, every dollar counts when it comes to things like dorm room shopping and school supplies. We definitely understand that an

Cute Baby Girl Bibs for Feeding Time

Sunny skies are on the horizon at feeding time with our rainbows and clouds baby girl bibs. This cute baby girl bib set is not only perfect for mealtime but absolutely adorable. These baby bibs guard against constant messes that babies make. They also protect your baby’s skin, clothing and make for excellent photo shoots! These bibs are made with 100% printed cotton fabric and backed with highly absorbent terry cloth. Think of the absorbency of a towel in a baby bib. Take these bibs with you to run errands or on family vacations. They are machine washable and ready for any adventure. Measuring 9 ¼ high by 9 ¼ wide these bibs will be comfy around your baby’s neck and have a Velcro closure. Th

Dinosaur Baby Bibs

Get ready to roar with our collection of handmade dinosaur baby bibs. These baby bibs are perfect for that cute little mess maker in your life. These dinosaur bibs will keep your baby clean at feeding time, soak up drool and catch spit-up. We know that you will go through a lot of bibs, so our bibs are designed to be soft, absorbent and machine washable. Dinosaurs may have gone extinct, but these adorable bibs were made to last. Made with 100% printed cotton fabric and backed with terry cloth, these bibs are great for playdates, weekend trips or outings with family and friends. Dribble, spit up and spills can happen at any moment, the multi-use of these bibs will make it your must have baby

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